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Virtual betting for fun, but only fun

If you enjoy gambling on sports, then there’s a good chance you’ll also enjoy a little virtual sports betting now and again. This can be great fun – particularly where the virtual sports involved allow you to bet during play. But a big word of warning here – this kind of thing should be kept for the fun of the games only rather than as any serious attempt to win money over time. In this way – whenever a decent win does come along - you can think of it as a pure “out of the blue” bonus.

There is, perhaps, one exception to this rule – and that’s where you’re able to take advantage of a large, lucrative introductory bonus payment.

The online casino and gaming world is a highly competitive one with most of the major operators competing hard for our business – and particularly new business. This is great news for us punters as, if we’re shrewd enough and keep abreast of all the latest and best offers etc., we can get some very generous intro offers. If you then choose a site that provides some fun virtual sports betting games, you can treat the whole thing as a fun exercise only – and this really can be exactly that; a lot of fun.

So if, for example, you register to play online casino games at and you’re new to the site, then you should be able to qualify for up to £200 in free bonus cash as a new user. This is based on an additional 200% deposit bonus credited to your account on a matched basis.

Similar deals are available at other big online casino operators such as 888, Skyvegas and many other providers. With bgo, though, the virtual sports are simply amazing. This is not the kind of computer-animated horse racing or greyhound racing you may have seen before in bookmakers shops etc. Instead, it simply looks like the real thing – whether this is in cycling events in the velodrome or tennis matches,  it comes very close to being completely indistinguishable from real-life action.

This makes it far more real and far more enjoyable – which is a danger in itself as it’s sometimes hard to imagine it isn’t real. So the point to remember is that this kind of betting should be for pure fun only because – as with all types of casino games and bingo or slots games etc., - the house edge is working against you from a probability perspective. So although you will inevitably enjoy a good win now and again as you play – you’re also likely to lose if you play on long enough.

So enjoy the virtual sports, but keep it where it belongs – for fun money only – cash that you can comfortably afford to lose. But do remember to maximize the bonuses as much as you possibly can when you join and along the way thereafter; and good luck!