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Online Betting Etiquette

There are a few things you need to know before you get started. Etiquette is important and if you fail to address it you risk foregoing entire bankrolls to the rules and regulations some websites have in place. In some games this means simple politeness when interacting in chat boxes. In other games it actually applies to the way you play the game. Here are some pointers.

Most games have open dialogues between players. This means chat boxes that everybody playing on your table or in your room can use to communicate with one another. I can’t say that every site, game or room is the same when it comes to etiquette and on that note it is best to not use the chat until you observe the way other people use it. In fact sometimes they don’t use it at all and if you start yapping away in there you may be the only one. This can alert people to the fact that you are new to the site and a potential victim. In situations where the chat is active there are definitely things to do and not to do. Don’t type in caps. It makes you look bad in a myriad of ways.

People either think you are dumb, angry or both. You can be kicked from rooms and lose your winnings simply for doing this. Don’t swear or abuse people. It doesn’t need to be said but I will say it anyway if you do this, you are undoubtedly breaking the rules of the website and could lose your entire bankroll if the offence is serious enough. You do not want to do that. Lastly do not criticise other people. Online betting’s best resource is silly players. If you lose to someone doing something dumb once just suck it up because if you criticise them you can alert them to the fact that they did something wrong and ruin it for other people. So when online betting remember these things and have fun with it.

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