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Mecca Bingo Offering Customers An Impressive 50,000 Jackpot

Whilst Mecca Bingo’s online operation continues to grow as one of the major bingo sites in the UK, it’s still apparent where it’s main interests lie. The British firm is still focusing heavily on bringing in customers through the doors of it’s 98 bingo halls as it prepares for what should be a strong Christmas period.

The company expects its latest jackpot - an eye-watering £50,000 - will be enough to convince its customers to visit one of it’s physical locations in the coming months. The promotions have been planned for the Christmas period for a reason. The company hopes it’s bingo halls recent improvements - including a new food menu - will impress customers and have them spending more on food and drink, a profitable area for the company. The company is also hoping those visiting for the first time will be left impressed and revisit in 2015, becoming regular customers.

Whilst the online side offers customers a variety of different games and offers like those available at Two Big Ladies, there’s often nothing like the real thing. Especially with a close group of friends, a few glasses of wine and such a huge jackpot to be won!

Mecca Bingo are kicking off their Christmas campaign on Saturday 29th November with the Firecracker game, which has a buy-in of £5. Not only will the £50,000 jackpot be up for grabs but also a range of smaller prizes and jackpots, which could be a welcome bonus for some just in time for Christmas.

For those not lucky enough to win, Bingo Halls still offer something that’s unmatched in the online world. The chance to spend quality time with your friends and family whilst playing a fun and exciting game can make all the difference when profits aren’t guaranteed.

Mecca Bingo is hoping nights like this will allow them to attract a younger crowd of players who had been previously put of by the smoking and poor amenities that bingo halls previously were renowned for. Whilst talking during play is still a major faux pas, Mecca has done a lot in recent years to ensure that bingo halls are regarded as a more sociable place.

So as Christmas approaches, we recommend gathering your friends and family and making a trip to Mecca Bingo as an alternative to the usual night out and who knows, you might even win the Firecracker jackpot!