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Tactics to Boost Your Lottery Jackpot Winnings

Ever since the Lotto became a South African fixture in 2000, Thursday supermarket queues have been crammed with hopefuls waiting for their chance to buy the winning ticket. Dreams of fortune and ten seconds of fame balloon even more when the jackpot rises. Everyone has their own strategy about how to play, especially when jackpots soar into the millions. 

Those in the know, however, have grown tired of queuing, and are bored with the Lotto’s comparatively low individual winnings, particularly since foreign lotteries churn out jackpots that run into billions of rands. Eurojackpot and Euromillions tickets are on offer for slightly more than SA’s offerings, but in exchange they increase the thrill of the gamble. 

The one thing that most lottery players have in common is that they all have their own tactics in play. Some use lucky numbers and birthdays, while others play the same randomly selected numbers every time. On the surface, the fact that lottery machines randomly select winning numbers seems to put all players on an even field but some numbers are more commonly drawn than others.

The Luckiest Numbers

When playing European lotteries, it pays to ask offshore experts which numbers the machine loves best. According to Lotto Numbers the numbers that pop up most often are 38, 40, 23, 39, and 33. The main problem with using this tactic is that while the numbers are commonly drawn, there is no winning combination of numbers that is more frequent than others. 

Gambler’s Fallacy

By getting to know how others play the lottery, you can limit the odds of having to share your jackpot if you win. One of the most common mistakes gamblers make is to assume that previously winning numbers are more likely to win in the next jackpot round. Simply by not playing the winning numbers of the most recent draw, you give yourself a better chance of being the sole jackpot winner. Another common tactic is to choose birthday numbers, which makes numbers below 31 far more commonly chosen. By keeping your numbers above 31, you further reduce the odds of having to split your prize with others if you win. By playing the numbers that are picked less frequently by others, you don’t increase your odds of winning but if you do win, you are more likely to be the sole winner. The least commonly played numbers in the EuroMillions for example since it began in 2004 are 20, 13, 21, 41, 16, and 37. There are also sites these days that offer in depth number frequency analysis’s such as the following page for the EuroMillions:

Random Number Generators

Since people often choose the same lucky lottery numbers, it makes sense to use a random number generator to avoid the variables others are more likely to play.

Playing for Fun

The reason gaming and lotteries are fun is because there is no sure-fire way to win. Lotteries give you a low cost way to potentially win a new way of life. Unlike casino offerings and online card gaming, Euromillions and similar tickets allow players to participate in the magic of what has become a national obsession.