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All about Casino Las Vegas

All about Casino Las Vegas

People love online casinos because they let people take the Las Vegas experience into their own homes. No casino exemplifies this fact more than Casino Las Vegas. The title of the casino is a great indication of what this casino represents. The site is full of colorful, flashy graphics, excellent games, and is very easy to use. This casino launched in 1996. It's owned by the renowned gaming company Global Gaming Net. Their games are well known for being fair, fun and easy to use. This is one of the better maintained online gaming sites. The site consistently adds new games and incentive bonuses to keep active members playing.

One of the most important things about any online gaming site is the games themselves and how they play. Casino Las Vegas' games use the Playtech gaming software that is used in countless online casinos. It's reliable software that should run on most Macs and PCs. The site has a massive 200 games to select from. New games are also added all of the time. The games include everything you'd expect in a Las Vegas casino online. Game choices include slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, jackpot games and much more.

A lot of new sites offer incentive bonuses for people to sign up, and Casino Las Vegas is no different. That said, their $400 signup bonus is more than double of what the other sites usually offer. The bonus is matched to whatever amount of money is used when initially funding the account, so funding $300 into the account will provide a $300 bonus to the player when they sign up. Accounts can be funded in a lot of different ways, including the popular Neteller service. The sign up for this casino is easy. The signup process takes only a few minutes, but it does require a valid email address and method of funding to get started. Like other Playtech games, the software can be used by either installing or playing right off of the browser. The site offers 24/7 live support off their website if you need help figuring anything out. The interface is actually pretty easy to use. The site's streamlined look makes it easy to navigate as well.

Casino Las Vegas is a great online casino. If you're looking for the authentic online Las Vegas casino experience, or just want to play online casino with a reputable site, definitely check them out.